Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Modding Wiki

Area Data[]

Each area's data has two parts:

  • a list of two-byte pointers, one for each screen of the map.
  • a list of encounter structures.

Encounter structure[]

Bytes data
1 Maximum number of enemies
1 Max chance
5 Chances
2-10 Prebuild enemy ids

To explain the data, I'll use Oasis World as an example:

The ROM map will show you that the Oasis World data starts at 0x29773. We follow the first pointer to 0x297f3 to get the encounter for the first screen.

01 07 03 07 00 00 00 02 00 03 00
  • 1 enemy can appear (if it was a 2 it would be 1 or 2 enemies)
  • A random value lower than 7 is computed
  • If it is smaller than 3 a Spotslime (02 00) appears (3/7 chance)
  • If it is larger or equal to 3 and smaller than 7 a CactiBall (03 00) appears (4/7 chance)

Note that this instance uses only 4 out of the possible 10 bytes for ids.

Note that the last comparison value should be the same as the max comparison value, or the game will read into the id values.


Randomly generated maps such as LastLord, YlwPlain, RedLake, etc will not use this generation system. These maps, along with their encounters, are generated instead of being fixed to this structure. Prebuilt ID general usages

Organization in ROM[]

First Byte Last Byte Data stored
29773 Oasis World
29856 Well
2989B Pirate World
29A4C HoodSquid's cave
29A8A Harmirror cave 1F
29AB7 Harmirror cave 2F
29ADE Harmirror cave 3F
29AFF Moonrock tower 1F
29B14 Moonrock tower 2F
29B29 Ghost ship 1F
29B45 Ghost ship 2F encounter data
29B58 Ghost ship cabin encounter data
29B6B Ice World
29D5D Gold mine
29D9B Spooky forest
29DCA Sleep herb mountain
29DE7 Ice tower 1F
29E0C Ice tower 2F
29E2B Sky World
2A028 Fhunt tower 1F
2A03D Fhunt tower 2F
2A052 Fhunt tower 3F
2A06B Fhunt tower 4F
2A084 Heaven helm cave 1F
2A097 Heaven helm cave 2F
2A0BA Heaven helm cave 3F
2A0DD Heaven armor tower 1F
2A0F2 Heaven armor tower 2F
2A107 Heaven armor tower 3F
2A120 Heaven armor tower 4F
2A139 Heaven sword castle 1F
2A160 Heaven sword castle 2F
2A181 Heaven sword castle 3F
2A1A2 Heaven sword castle 4F
2A1BD Limbo World
2A1FB Darck's castle
2A220 Elf World
2A2AB AgDevil's lair
2A2D2 Lonely World
2A2EB Basement
2A300 Traveler World
2A382 Dark Merchant's Tower 1F
2A393 Dark Merchant's Tower 2F
2A3AA Dark Merchant's Tower 3F
2A3BF Dark Merchant's Tower 4F