Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Modding Wiki


This structure is interesting in that it's been split between two banks. The first segment of the list, which goes up to 0x24f, is at 0xd0075. The remainder is at 0x288056. There is also a full list at 0x22061c of every prebuilt monster by name, in string form. Take note that the free space directly after entry 0x24f can't be changed normally to add 33 more slots. You would first have to change the bytes at 0xd0013, 0xd004b, 0x28800D, and 0x288038 to 0x71 (original values should have been 0x50). This effectively tells the game to utilize that free space instead of going straight to the second one. This is not without side-effects; you will have to either find every use of ID 0x250+ and reset it to match your new ID values or (recommended) move entries 0x250+ so that they appear in order starting from the first newly created entry.


2 bytes Species ID value
1 byte Skill 1
1 byte Skill 2
1 byte Skill 3
1 byte Skill 4
2 bytes Exp yield
1 byte Join value (0=always, 7=never)
1 byte Level
2 bytes HP
2 bytes MP
2 bytes Attack
2 bytes Defense
2 bytes Agility
2 bytes Intelligence
1 byte Charge aptitude
1 byte Defense aptitude
1 byte Motivation
1 byte Mixed aptitude

Most of this table should be fairly self-explanatory. One thing that might be confusing is the set of personality values, or aptitudes, at the end. A monster's personality is not just set by ID, it's actually determined by a combination of these values. So a monster with the "Hot-Blood" personality which excels at all three strategy types would actually be a monster with high values in all three of its aptitudes. Similarly a monster with extremely low values across the board is "Lazy."

Where this data is used[]

It's important to realize that all of the prebuilt enemies in the game use ID values that correspond to this structure; not just their species ID values. You'll see ID values in this order when used in the random encounters for story worlds, boss battles, tournament monsters, monsters belonging to wandering masters, etc. There are also entries in this structure for all of the monsters that you receive as gifts or in the story. Examples include Slash the Slime and the eggs given to you by the TinyMedal collector. The summon spirits Tatsu, Diago, Samsi, and Bazoo even have their own entries in case you've ever wanted to change the skills the summons can use.


The functions in bank 34 (D0000) compare the id with a two byte value to decide if they are responsible or should delegate to functions in bank A2 (288000). The later ones have substractions that transform the incoming id to a local one. Obviously the functions in 34 should be used


  • Sets de = CFEC
  • Calls 34:4040


  • Expects
    • (CFE6) = id
    • (CFE7) = id
    • (FFC6) = length
    • c = offset
    • de = destination
  • Does
    • copy length bytes at offset from the structure for id to destination


  • Expects
    • (CFE6) = id
    • (CFE7) = id
    • de = destination
  • Does
    • copy the structure for id to destination