Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Modding Wiki

This is basically a list of the breedings in the game that can only be achieved with a link cable. Right now I've only studied up through Species + Species breedings.

Pedigree Mate Result 
 Slime BigRoost WonderEgg
Dragon AquaHawk SkyDragon
Dragon Lionex Serpentia
Vampirus AquaHawk Vampirus
Almiraj Healer Unicorn
HammerMan LizardMan Dumbira
BeastNite MerTiger NoctoKing
Trumpeter Garudian GulpBeast
MadCat LampGenie DarkHorn
AquaHawk WingSnake MadCondor
Garudian Trumpeter Shantak
Warubou Watabou Watabou
Bubblemon DeadNite GateGuard
BossTroll CurseLamp LampGenie
Grendal Skeletor ChopClown
LampGenie MadCat ArcDemon
DeadNite Bubblemon CaptDead
Skeletor Grendal Niterich
CurseLamp BossTroll Balzak
Roboster Roboster Roboster2
EvilPot Bubblemon BombCrag
MerTiger BeastNite AxeShark 

Vampirus + AquaHawk = Vampirus is not a typo. I triple-checked. Roboster + Roboster = Roboster2 is another notorious waste of space since Roboster's +5 breed already does exactly that.