Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Modding Wiki

Item Data starts at 0x58CC2. The prices listed below do not effect buying or selling prices.

Selling prices are start at 0x7233a

Shop Inventories start at 0x72188, shop prices start at 0x3c9676

1 byte

Effect type

0x0 healing

0x1 status change

0x2 attribute modifier

0x3 reduce wild

0x4 cast spell

0x5 teleport

0x6 unique/key item/equip

2 bytes Price
1 byte ?
1 byte


0x0 always

0x1 out of battle

0x2 in battle

0x3 never

1 byte ? (0x1 for meats and BeastTail)
1 byte


0x0 one ally

0x1 ?

0x2 one enemy

0x3 all enemies

0x4 one ally or enemy

0x5 all allies

0x6 ?

0x7 no target

1 byte

World map icon

0x0 none

0x1 ?

0x2 leaf

0x3 bottle

0x4 bell

0x5 seed

0x6 meat

0x7 staff

0x8 WarpWing

0x9 TinyMedal

1 byte ?
1 byte Effect byte 1
1 byte Effect byte 2
1 byte

Variable 1:

-Notably used as lower end of a range for healing/damage.

1 byte

Variable 2:

-Notably used as higher end of a range for healing/damage.