Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Modding Wiki

Welcome to the Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Modding Wiki[]

This is intended as a research & development site for "Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey" and "Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure"(GBC). Anyone with information about the mechanics or structures in these classic games can share here.

If you're new to this wiki you should start at the ROM Map. There you'll find a summary of what we've found so far, with internal links to more in depth descriptions of some of the structures.

Rom Hacks

About Dragon Warrior Monsters 2[]

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 is actually a set of two games released for the GBC in 2001 by Enix. These games will be abbreviated frequently as DWM2 on this site and are treated as if they were one game. Why? Because mechanically they are, and the mechanics are the focus of this wiki.

Despite featuring over 300 memorable monsters to obtain and a virtually infinite post-game experience through the unique key system, the Dragon Warrior Monsters series has received very little attention from rom hacking communities. This wiki is a place for DWM2 hackers to meet and discuss ways that the game(s) can be improved, along with just how that can be done. For more information here is a List of useful sites.

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