Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Modding Wiki


Address Subject
335D2 Pointers (chance tables)
335DE Chance table (C-Class)
335E7 Chance table (B-Class)
335F0 Chance table (A-Class)
335F9 Chance table (S-Class)
33602 Pointers (reward tables)
3360E Rewards (C-Class)
33616 Rewards (B-Class)
3361E Rewards (A-Class)
33626 Rewards (S-Class)


Chance tables[]

The chance tables are used to determine the probability that one of the rewards will be obtained. Each byte corresponds to one of the reward entries in the second set of tables. The values of the chance table are compared, in order, to a random value chosen between 0x0 and 0x63. If the chance value is higher than the random value, then the reward corresponding to that chance value is given. Each list has 8 chance values, followed by 0xFF (end of list).


The rewards are one byte each, listed by item ID. Exceptions are 0xFD and 0xFE. 0xFD appears to represent "randomly selected accessory" and 0xFE represents "Magic Key."

Example (S-Class)[]

The chance table for S-Class at 0x335F9 goes as follows:

Hex Decimal
0x0a 10
0x15 21
0x20 32
0x2b 43
0x36 54
0x41 65
0x50 80
0x64 100

Because of the way the game calculates, we can figure out percentage using the difference between any of these values and the preceding value on the list. Then we add 1 to the first entry's percent chance and subtract 1 from the last entry's percent chance. So for actual chances:

Value Calculation Actual chance
10 10-0 (+1) 11% for 1st entry
21 21-10 11% for 2nd entry
32 32-21 11% for 3rd entry
43 43-32 11% for 4th entry
54 54-43 11% for 5th entry
65 65-54 11% for 6th entry
80 80-65 15% for 7th entry
100 100-80 (-1) 19% for 8th entry

Now we just need to get the rewards from 0x33626, by ID, and add the chances. So here are the rewards for the S-Class tournament:

ID Actual reward
11% chance of: 23 FriendStaff
11% chance of: 2C TinyMedal
11% chance of: 0D AtkSeed
11% chance of: 0E DefSeed
11% chance of: 17 SmartBook
11% chance of: FD Randomly selected accessory
15% chance of: 1E MeteOrb
19% chance of: FE Magic Key